Before visiting your boyfriend because of todays' weather please check out this article -

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With cold front in other South African provinces this weekend, it's common that some couples will be indoors getting warm and the outcome might not be favorable. A young lady took to social media to share pictures of herself on how pregnancy changed her and pictures of her baby bump.

She advised ladies to stay home and stay away from boyfriend's houses because of the cold. "This is to motivate whoever is thinking of going emzini yabantu to stay home today " she wrote.

It's no secret that pregnancy brings a variety of changes to the body. Changes such as weight gain, swelling of the face and also hormonal changes. Getting your body back in shape after birth is also a challenge. Staying home and drinking tea instead of visiting your boyfriend might actually be a good idea if you're not ready for a baby.

People on the comment section couldn't believe how much the lady had changed during her pregnancy and the post went viral. See how she looked before getting pregnant.


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