Bone pain: 8 common causes and what to do

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Pain in your bones; it is a sign that something urgent needs to be done in relation to health. This type of problem does not appear by chance and can hide serious setbacks behind it. One is osteoporosis, however, there are several others that can cause this discomfort. And you must know the main reasons for preventing yourself.

Bone problems appear more frequently in elderly people and women. This sex has the bone health affected over time, for reasons that science still seeks to explain. But, there are causes behind this health disorder, which have adequate treatments that greatly improve the situation.

In this post o Always Well listed the 8 biggest causes of bone pain for you to know more deeply, and understand how they act in this part of the organism. In addition to seeing the main treatments for the problem. Check out!

Bone pain: see the 8 main causes of them

1. Trauma

Bone trauma may not be noticed when it happens. However, at one time or another they appear in the form of bone pain.

These bone problems happen after a few reasons. The main one is after a blow, which can happen in a fall or even in a domestic task.

Once bone trauma occurs, it can cause pain for a few days, or intensify. Which would indicate a more serious injury that requires exams.

2. Fractures

Bone cracks or breaks happen after a strong impact. And one of the biggest reasons for this is a fall.

A fracture is a trauma, however, more serious, as it can be a latch in the bone. And this problem can be felt by the person, even days after it happens. So it is even more serious.

The most common and practical test to check if there is even a bone fracture is X-ray. The result is ready in a few minutes after the procedure, and it proves with certainty to the doctor, if there is a serious bone injury.

3. Metastasis

Although it is more rare for this to occur, some types of cancer that spread throughout the body to the point of reaching the bones, can cause pain. This condition is very serious, as it is the most aggressive form of the disease that attacks organ cells and blood.

Therefore, many times that you have bone pain due to metastasis, the patient already knows about his condition, since he is being treated.

One of the procedures to treat different types of cancer is chemotherapy, and among other side effects of this application, are pain throughout the body. Including here, the bones.

4. Osteomyelitis

Among what can be bone pain, infections are the most unpredictable. The reason is that only a few viruses and bacteria can attack that part of the human organism and cause that effect. In this case, it is osteomyelitis.

There is no specific way to get infected with this type of infection. However, one of the ways that viruses, bacteria and even fungi that cause the disease enter the body, is by cuts that expose deeper layers of the skin.

The most evident symptom of osteomyelitis is bone pain, but it also causes redness in the skin, fever, malaise and swelling in the painful parts.

5. Flu

Although there are few cases of bone problems due to flu, they happen. Especially for people who have a weakened body due to some existing disease, such as fibromyalgia or Parkinson's disease.

Body pains are common in flu-like pictures, such as Covid-19, caused by the new coronavirus. So, back, arm and leg pain is quite incident in this case.

Another problem caused by more severe colds and flu is sinusitis. Pain in the bones of the face, headaches and eyes are the classic symptoms of the disorder.

Therefore, virus infections that cause flu such as Influenza and Covid-19 are on the list of causes of bone pain.

6. Osteoporosis

osteoporosis it happens when the bones lose mass, increasing their porosity and leaving each bone fragile. This increases the risk for falls, trauma and fractures.

One of the causes of osteoporosis is the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D in the body, two nutrients that make up bone mass.

7. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthrosis that deforms bones and their joints, causing in addition to pain, swelling and high sensitivity.

This health condition is chronic, but it can be controlled through some treatments with medications and avoiding repetitive manual efforts. In pain attacks, the person may be unable to move the affected parts.

8. Sickle cell anemia

anemia sickle cell is a health condition that makes the blood that supplies the bones reach them with great difficulty. As a result, this state affects the quality of bone mass and tissues, leading to death.

This condition greatly weakens the bones, leaving them without stiffness and increasing the risk of fractures. One of the causes for this disease is heredity, that is, fathers and mothers who suffer from the problem, pass it on to their children.

What are the main treatments for bone pain?

There are efficient treatments for bone problems. Although some conditions that cause bone pain are chronic, that is, they have no cure and worsen over time.

See the main solutions that guarantee a lot of bone health:

  • physical activities: hiking, swimming, pilates and low impact exercises reinforce bones and muscles;

  • physiotherapy: the treatment contributes to flexibility and prevents loss of bone and muscle mass;

  • healthy eating: foods rich in calcium such as whole milk, yogurt, vegetables and vegetables, contribute to bone conditions;

  • supplements: vitamin D, calcium and others may be prescribed by your doctor;

  • medicines: painkillers, anti-inflammatories and others may be recommended;

  • weight control: not gaining weight prevents bones from being overloaded;

  • sunbathing: vitamin D is essential for health; about 15 to 30 minutes of sunshine a day collaborates in this direction.

For all treatments, it is worth consulting an orthopedic doctor beforehand so that he can assess which procedures are most appropriate for your case. He will be able to prescribe not only medications, but physical therapy and other methods.

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