"I bought these for my boyfriend. I hope he will love them." See people's reactions. -

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A lady decided to suprise her boyfriend with a new pair of shoes but received unexpected reactions from other people. Gifting someone you love is the nicest gesture to show that you appreciate the person you are gifting and being gifted is even nicer. Choosing which gift you should give or buy for your partner can be difficult in the early stages of the relationship but when you get to know more about their likes and dislikes gifting becomes easier. See the gift a lady bought for her boyfriend down below.

Many people had a lot to say with regards to this gift, despite being a good gesture some people thought it was not that nice. Others commented on how this would end a relationship instantly. See some of people's comments down below.

What do you think of this gift? Would you accept it if it was given to you? Comment down below what would you do.

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