"The bride looks like a Man" See the wedding photos of a couple that is causing a stir on Facebook -

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"The bride looks like a Man" See the wedding photos of a couple that is causing a stir on Facebook

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Several people have commented on a wedding photo uploaded on Facebook by a couple, saying, "The bride looks like a male." 

When choosing an accomplice, there are various elements to consider, most of which are akin to passing a test of equality, but one of these factors is a genuine attachment to the person being considered. Genuine love knows neither borders nor age restrictions, and it is not discriminatory based on a person's race, actual nature, or appearance. While a large percentage of people consider everyday factors such as an individual's ancestry or city before maintaining their relationship, if individual worship is genuine to another, they do not perceive or acknowledge any flaw in their love. The majority of individuals believe that "real romance is blind." 

One of the things that has always piqued my interest is when I witness interracial couples, regardless of race, who are obviously in love with one another. This is especially true when the contact takes place between a Westerner and a native African. 

Here is a sampling of the responses that were given in response to them. 

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