Drama as woman begs for the act from every man after boyfriend put this in her drink -

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Source: https://matt247k.co.za/2021/10/04/drama-as-woman-begs-for-the-act-from-every-man-in-a-pub-after-this-was-done-to-her/

Drama has been aroused in a local bar in Embu town after a man allegedly put a viagra pill in his bae’s drink then go away.

According to some people who were present there they say that the scuffle begun when the girlfriend accused her boyfriend of being a womanizer, a man who cannot bare to let any girl pass by him without him being involved with them. That did not go down well with the man who was armed with blue enhancement pills.

And after he noticed that actually the argument was beyond him and his blue pills would be wasted, he decided to drop them in his lovers’ drink unnoticed and went away unnoticed by his girlfriend.

Then there begun to be some order restored back in the bar and the lady begun to drink her alcohol in peace without knowing the terrible thing that awaits her after the blue pills do their work. After a little while, then the innocent girl, who was reported to be in her 20’s, was overwhelmed and become evidently hungry for the act right in the middle of the pub. She would go for all males around the club to relieve her. But a majority of men were busy minding their own business without giving her the attention she needed.

Her hunger arousal reached the climax, forcing her to leave the club to try her luck outside. since she was at the peak, she cried for help from any passerby man, showing that she was really in need of help but people continued to not give her the attention.

It was revealed that the lady begun to shout and roll on the ground in anger and crying a little bit, and that she ran to the men who had gathered in and out of the bar trying to get them to notice her hunger.

The incident attracted many people and was rushed to the nearby hospital by a good samaritan.

It is also revealed that the authorities in Embu town said that they are not aware of the incident but promised to investigate and know what really transpired.

Source: https://matt247k.co.za/2021/10/04/drama-as-woman-begs-for-the-act-from-every-man-in-a-pub-after-this-was-done-to-her/

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