Exclude Banana From Your Diet If You Suffer From Any Of These 4 Health Issues

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Bananas are recommended by most doctors and are readily available on the market. Bananas include nutrients that fuel the body. That's why most gym-goers consume bananas and milk, but we're here to tell you that bananas are just as healthy. Banana can also be toxic to some people.

1. To Overweight People.

Bananas are a healthy food to eat, but they should be avoided by obese persons. Obesity is greatly increased by eating bananas. Bananas should therefore be avoided by persons who gain weight quickly.

2. Patients with hyperkalemia.

Bananas should not be consumed by people who have hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia is a condition in which there is an excess of potassium in the body. Potassium is abundant in bananas. As a result, such persons should avoid bananas.

3. Constipation 

Bananas should be avoided by people who have constipation. Eating bananas makes constipation worse. If you have constipation, do not eat a banana, even if you forget. Apart from that, diabetics should avoid bananas because they contain a high level of sugar. Diabetic people experience a slew of issues after eating bananas.

4. Cough And Cold Suffering Patient

Bananas should be avoided by persons who suffer from coughs and colds. Cough and cold symptoms are exacerbated when bananas are consumed.

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