Finally Lehasa Discovered That Nothile Was Sent By Emkay See What Would Happen -

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Beautiful has once showed that she will wed Lehasa on the off chance that he proposes to her. However, will the watchers at any point see that on their screens? 

Pretty and Lehasa are excessively unique and have thier one secret plans it will be extremely challenging to live under a similar rooftop together for the remainder of their lives. 

Pretty and Lehasa are better when they are simply dating for no particular reason despite the fact that now there is a child included. 

Nothile will be left alone since she can't have any children and that is when Lehasa will conclude that Pretty is the best one for him. 

Something else that will amke them not to last is that Pretty is still yong she will need to investigate a bigger number of things in life than to sit and be a housewive to Lehasa on that note things won't work out. 


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