Food Items To Add To Your Diet To Help Prevent Urinary Tract Infections.

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Infections of the urinary system are one of the most common illnesses worldwide. A urinary tract infection (UTI) can damage any component of your urinary tract, including your kidneys and uterus. There are no home cures or foods that can treat a UTI, but there are foods you can eat to prevent infection. So, in this article I will be listing out foods that help prevent Urinary tract infection according to

1. Water.

Keeping your urinary system healthy necessitates drinking plenty of water. It aids in the removal of toxins and pathogens, as well as the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections. To prevent and treat a UTI, drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water every day. 

2. Cranberry Juice.

While studies suggests that cranberry juice is ineffective in treating UTIs, it may aid in their prevention. Cranberries include chemicals that help prevent disease-causing germs from adhering to the host's cells, so preventing infection. 

3. Dark Chocolate.

Dark chocolate is well-known for its weight-loss, menstrual-pain-relieving, and reproductive-health benefits. Antioxidants included in dark chocolate aid to minimize the risk of infection. 

4. Yoghurts.

Yoghurt or curd is high in probiotic bacteria, which aid in the battle against harmful bacteria in the gut and body. Probiotic microorganisms can aid in the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections.

5. Fruits and Vegetables

A well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables will keep you healthy and prevent illnesses like a urinary tract infection. Include green vegetables such as spinach, bottle gourd, and oranges, kiwi, mangoes, bananas, and other fruits in your diet. These meals give your body the nutrition it needs and can help you stay healthy and avoid illnesses.

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