Girl That Posted Her Dad Got In Trouble After Mzansi Noticed Something Deep -

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A Girl Who Posted A Picture Of Her Father Got Into Trouble After Mzansi Noticed Something Deep


The emotions to this image of an ai woman are the most extreme, even for expressing gratitude. @BuhleMahlangu14, a Twitter user, found herself into hot water after she decided to comment on a photo she took with a male colleague. With accompanying caption:

"This morning, my work father handed me R200 for being pretty; what a lovely way to begin my long weekend."

Tweeos felt compelled to confront her with the truth about what she was frightened to say. The public has been wondering where some of her colleagues would jump to tell the truth about her relationship with the man she claims to be a coworker. Many suspected the lady was dating a sugar daddy and was terrified to go out in public while she continued to claim they were coworkers.

According to the lady, her coworker, whom she affectionately refers to as "work dad," gave her R200 simply for being lovely. There appears to be nothing wrong with dating an older man… we won't judge. Numerous young women want to date older men due to their maturity and expertise.

After seeing the comments that her followers made and continue to make, she wasted no time in putting them in their place. "Stop being so mean, we share a surname, so he claims I'm his daughter because I'm the same age as his last born. Go clean ur filthy mind."

The girl asserts that she has the guy's surname and is the same age as his daughter. According to several tweeps, his daughter has been requesting R20 mtn airtime for three weeks, but he's providing 200 to his work daughter because he wants a little bit of money.

What are your thoughts in light of this image? Do you believe it is solely for professional purposes or that she is too terrified to come out?

Contribute your thoughts We'd like to hear your opinions.

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