"The groom is the father and she is the friend to the bride" Mzansi reacts to a wedding picture. -

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Backstabbing friends. A backstabbing friend requires handling with kid gloves. If the friendship is over, then worrying about hurt feelings is moot. Meet the backstabber head on, but not until you can face her without anger spilling over. Be cool, calm and collected when you confront her.

There are so many people have experienced backstabbing in their lives and they are betrayed by mostly by those they trust more. We have seen this through many friendships and its just unbelievable. A picture from a certain wedding was recently shared on social media and a lot of noticed so many things happening in this single picture.

As the person who shared the image asked others what they saw on the picture, one tweep comment by saying that the lady who was holding her tummy, is pregnant by the groom and she is also the bride's friend. What have you spotted in this particular picture? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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