He was humiliated on social media because of what he shared as people notice this -

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There are people out there who live just to Impress other people, there are people who make a lot of money but instead of doing the right things they would rather take their money and spend it with their friends. And here were are talking mostly about single men, those people would rather be single and have different women coming to their place than to have someone straight who will help them to become a better man. Only because they know that they won't have to spend their money on unnecessary things.

There are men out there who work and get paid every month-end some every week but when you go where they stay you will be amazed how people don't care about their place, or even taking care of themselves but they care most about pleasing friends and women out there.

Picture of a man asking if someone can join him for lunch was shared on social media and he had a lot of money that he was willing to spend money with someone else, but this got people fuming, and the reason for that is because he hard a dirty stove, dirty blankets his place was just untidy. and people were annoyed as they started telling him instead of fixing his room your busy asking people for lunches, why don't you take the money and fix your house rather than taking people for lunch.

One thing about people on social media is they don't keep quiet when something is wrong more especially in public, if you think they will go to your inbox and talk to you no they won't, but they will do it exactly that time showing you what you are doing is wrong. And you make sure next time you will think twice before posting something like this on social media:

Friends won't tell you what you are doing is wrong when you go out drinking with them every weekend just as long as your buying, but they will keep quiet drink your money and when it's finished they will leave like that. There's nothing wrong with going out with friends but you need to be alert, because if you lose your job they will be the first ones to laugh at you, so always be wise before you thinking of going out with your friends make sure you buy something for yourself that way even if you lose your job at least you'll have something to show.


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