Heartbreaking| Her boyfriend left her after she found out that he is cheating on her -

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Cheating often means the end of the relationship for people who are dating or married. Cheating is a violation of trust, and that betrayal is often sustained by multiple lies told over a long period of time. Since there are a lot of unhealthy patterns behind cheating, deciding to rebuild a relationship with someone who cheated on you is risky.

It is important, before jumping back into that relationship or pursuing a new relationship, to understand the impact the cheating has had on her on your view of relationships, your own self-esteem, and your ability to trust people. This will likely take time to explore and understand, and the guidance of a counselor or mentor is helpful if you feel overwhelmed. If you have cheated on your partner, and they found out, it is important to apologize and ask for forgiveness.

But remember: pressuring your partner to take you back is not a kind or loving choice. They will need time to heal, and you will need time to understand the impact of your own choices. Whether you were cheated on, or you cheated on someone, you are not doomed to repeat history. With support, you can grow and move forward with a healthier understanding of yourself and relationships.

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"He cheated on me then left me cause I found out"

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