Here's the 31 years old man who got married to this woman who is 112 years of age -

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The majority of women believe that males are supposed to supply them with all they need. It's a mistake for a woman to believe that a guy is accountable for her needs, therefore she enters a relationship expecting that from him. Because you're dating him, he's not accountable for your feeding charge. Don't charge him for your airtime, data, or anything else. Don't make him buy you a new phone, TV, refrigerator, or anything else. He isn't a nut-loving merchant. A guy isn't the same as a supermarket. 

Be a true woman who dates when she is ready to marry, knows how to pay for herself and her business, and most importantly, dates the man she wants rather than the man she needs. This is exactly what this elderly lady has done, and it has astounded many people all around the world. Madam Elly, a 112-year-old British woman, has agreed to marry a 31-year-old Yemeni in a lavish wedding. 

Given the fact that the lady involved is old enough to be your grandmother, such weddings are quite uncommon in most traditional settings. However, as the adage goes, "Love is blind, and age is just a number," and these two partners are determined to be together. 

Despite her aging body and physical look, this vigorous young man is still interested in marrying her. He isn't seeking for the prettiest, nicest, or cheapest, but rather the one that is the right size for him. Despite her wealth, Ahmed has stated that he is solely interested in her, and that he does not care about her billions of dollars. She is the one who shares his values and beliefs, and she is the person he met on his life's journey.

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