High Blood Pressure Is A Silent Killer. Avoid These 5 Unhealthy Lifestyles And Foods

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The human heart is responsible for pumping blood around the body and while doing this, it delivers oxygen to other vital organs of the body. However, sometimes a problem within the body could make it hard for the heart to pump blood, thus causing high blood pressure which could put a strain on the walls of the arteries, and leading to some potentially life-threatening conditions including stroke, heart failure, and kidney disease.

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High blood pressure is a silent killer disease because it does not cause symptoms, and medical screening could be performed before its presence can be detected. A blood pressure reading of below 120/80 (mm Hg) is considered normal, while 120-129/80 (mm Hg) is considered elevated or hypertensive. Stage 1 hypertension is between 130-139/80-90 (mm Hg), stage 2 hypertension is 140 or above 90 (mm Hg).

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There is usually no known cause in many cases of hypertension or high blood pressure, but certain things, including lifestyle habits may contribute to its development in many people. It would be great to recognise such lifestyle factors and avoid them to prevent elevated blood pressure levels or hypertension. Five (5) of such lifestyle habits are described below:

1. Being obese or overweight - the more a person weighs, the more blood is needed by the person's body to supply oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. This would increase the amount of blood flowing through the blood vessels and put more pressure on the artery walls.

2. Not being physically active - not engaging in physical exercises can make you have higher heart rates, with a higher heart rate equivalent to more work for the heart, thus putting more pressure on the arteries.

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3. Too little potassium in your diet - eating foods rich in potassium can help balance the amount of sodium in your body cells and not having it in sufficient quantity can cause sodium to build up in your body, thus leading to high blood pressure.

4. Stress - exposing yourself to high levels of stress can cause a temporary increase in blood pressure. In addition to this, stress may also cause you to eat more or drink alcohol, which would further increase your blood pressure.

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5. Drinking too much alcohol - if as a man, you drink more than 2 drinks per day or you have more than a drink per day as a woman, you are not taking alcohol in moderation and it may also cause your blood pressure to rise.

Food also plays a huge role in the development or otherwise of high blood pressure and it may be good to avoid certain foods that are known to increase blood pressure, especially foods that are high in sodium content and trans fats. Prime examples of such foods include:

1. Bread

2. Pizza

3. Processed meat

4. Sugary foods/drinks

5. Red meat

6. Chicken skin

7. Alcohol

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Source: Medicalnewstoday.com.

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