How to make yourself attract good fortune and lasting relationships -

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Sometimes we tend to long for lasting love and happiness but we see that not being our reality. Sometimes we think that maybe someone is bewitching us or suspect some foul play.

A partner may be treating you right for a couple of weeks or months but that is how long that happiness will last, it won’t go to a year.

Sometimes in our relationships we do not know what changed, we have sleepless nights trying to see the point where everything fell down and even start blaming ourselves for the sudden change. We try to see what’s the reason for the sudden change in our partners behavior, this hurts us.

When this happens we try by all means to keep the relationship by giving too much, over compensating for something we do not know.

Sometimes the solution is in home remedies and you do not have to go and consult a sangoma. Take a rough salt bath for 3 days and light a white candle, pray over your life, ask God to remove darkness and misfortunes from your life. Pray for deliverance from evil spells and you will see goodness and good fortunes opening up for you.

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