" I'm 25 years, HIV positive and looking for a Boyfriend" a black beautiful lady tweeted -

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Source: https://twitter.com/nhlanhlathembah/status/1446775258422382598?s=21

Back in days it was so bad and horrific to open up about yourself telling everyone your status because people would think somehow and look you down.

Most of the people have committed suicide after finding out that they were HIV positive because they knew they’d be treated totally differently by either the community or friends. This was also the reason why people were not honest about their status. It was not easy for someone to freel say "I am HIV positive". Even in relationships, people would hide their status in fear that if people find out that they are HIV positive, they’ll judge them.

But looking at today, a lit has changed as people are being motivated to always open up about their statuses especially when they are getting into a relationship.

HIV and AIDS doesn't kill if you are treating it better following all doctors protocols.

A 25-12 months vintage female who's HIV fine left many humans shocked after she took it to social media to search for a dating. Nhlanhla Themba is an HIV activist who believes that being HIV fantastic doesn’t alternate your existence and makes no distinction to you or different humans. She is living in Newcastle and has 1 child. She’s calling out to each person who's inclined to be in a courting together along with her to ship her a message. She proudly said that she’s HIV fine.

"I'm 25, presently dwelling in Newcastle with 1 kid. I'm HIV-Positive, Single, & I'm out right here on those streets searching out uMjolo.. My DMs are open. Looking for a person who is 27 to 35. Thank you. This is me!" She tweeted.

Her tweet moved such a lot of hearts. Many humans had been glad to peer that there had been those who are sincere and don’t undermine themselves due to their HLV status.

Lastly: it's not a bad thing to find that you are Hiv positive, it doesn't end your world.

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