I Asked Him Why He Ghosted me After Two Dates, His Reply Blew my Mind But at Least he Was Honest -

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TikTok user Danielle said in a video that she had sought for feedback from a man she had been on two dates with before he ghosted her, captioned 'You can't win them all!'

Surprisingly, the man informed Danielle he didn't want to be tied down because he had so many choices.

"It wasn't me," Danielle clarified. There are alternatives. And that's okay with me since I have other choices."

Danielle's video received a lot of negative response, but at least he was upfront with her about his feelings.

Danielle stated to her fans, "So I'm going to show you a text from a discussion with a boy who I've previously seen and then I believe we need to debate it."

"The text came about because I needed some reaction from him," she stated. After just two dates, everything seemed to be over. As a result, I was curious as to what caused it to fade out from his perspective.

One person commented: "asking for input is so odd…" on Danielle's TikTok post.

Another person stated: "I'm not bold enough to approach the guy I've been seeing for comments. Already, my chest is tightening in protest. "All I want is to be sufficient."

One user simply said: “respect his honesty”.

In response to comments wondering why she shared the video, Danielle made a second one in which she explained: "I released the video yesterday because I felt it would be great for people to see one person's viewpoint on dating."

It's not everyone's opinion on dating, she says, but she believes that it's the majority of people's perspective right now.

"This isn't about validation," Danielle said. Neither do I want to communicate with someone or require someone else to know I'm thinking about them. Thus, prior dates will serve as a learning experience for me as I strive to improve on them.

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