I Broke Up With Him But He Stood At My Door And We Slept Together Before We Knew It-Blessing CEO -

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I Broke Up With Him But He Stood At My Door And We Slept Together Before We Knew It – Blessing CEO

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Some males do not contribute much to the lives of the women with whom they come into contact. These women, on the other hand, find it difficult to end their relationship with them since they are romantic and skilled in the bedroom.

According to relationship therapist Blessing CEO, men who are only good at bedroom activities should be avoided at all costs. She then went into deeper depth about her own encounters with these types of men.

In a live video broadcast, Blessing's CEO stated:

"I met a man on the first day and slept with him that night. He had a familiar look about him, like if we'd met before, but he was unemployed and still living with his mother. I was shocked. In the end, he will just stand there staring at me when I tell him it's done, and before long, we'll be in the same bed.

Even though I had successfully blocked him, I couldn't help but think about him. After my breakup with him, it took me six months to get over it. As a husband and a father, I find men like this repugnant. However, despite the fact that you are just intended to have fun with them for a short time before moving on with your life, many women find themselves stuck with them.

They are not ready to settle down and do not believe that you have the power to change their minds. They have mastered the art of squandering other people's time. What are you going to educate your children if you don't marry a man who is financially successful?"


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