I love my husband but I am attracted to my co-worker, I can’t resist – Wife gives interesting reason -

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The wife has developed an insatiable attraction to her co-worker and as a result, she believes that her love for her husband is beginning to diminish.

At length in writing, he explains the reasons for his action and why he cannot help himself.

I never thought about being attracted to a coworker after I made a committed man. When it comes to marriage, I used to be very traditional.

Although none of my friends or cousins ​​wanted a formal wedding, I did go ahead with it. My husband and I met on the wedding website, and after the first conversations between my mom and her, he came to my house.

She had found a bouquet of chocolates. That was fun for me. He seemed to love me even before we met. It was as if he were trying to seduce me

And he did it right in front of our families. It was touching, convincing. When he asked, I said yes. And he also said yes

The date of the wedding was immediately set; we can get married in a year. During this time, she took me to dinner parties, restaurants, and theaters. It was like something out of a movie. And she always brought me flowers and chocolates whenever we met.

Her unique love traits were the things I loved most about her. She used to accompany me to the store and never let me pay. She was waiting for me outside the beauty salons.

She picked me up after I left school (I am a teacher). He never intervened in my life, but he tried to help me.

Without a word, I quickly fell in love with her, and when it came time to get married, it was not a wedding. It was not on the cards that I was attracted to a colleague a few years later.

We've only been married for two years, and my husband is still in love like her, and believe me when I say he's in love. I love her just as much as she loves me.

Our love is soft and sweet. And everything is fine. So far, so good, until my biggest attraction to my coworker blossomed.

The school I teach recently hired a new cricket coach. He had participated in the Ranji Trophy in his youth. Maybe he’s in his forties now, and all students love him.

So do I. Uneswag. He also doesn't care what others think. He is a good cricketer with a slim body and short gray hair. He’s not married, and I think it can be hard to date in forty years.

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