I Prefer Dating Older Men -Beautiful Lady Gives Interesting Reason. -

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'I enjoy dating older men, especially those who are on life support,' a Kenyan woman explains her preference for older men.

Nairobi socialite Shorn Arwa has stated why she chooses to date older guys, even those who are on life support, in a recent interview.

She claims that she will only consider dating males who are 15 years older than her because she wants to be at peace with herself.

Shorn Arwa, who was interviewed on a local radio station, stated that dating guys who are her agemates makes the relationship hard, tough to manage, and almost always results in tears. As a result, her decision to date older women is based on her desire to find love, understanding, and a relationship that is free of stress.

"I am attracted to older males, with a 15-year age difference between myself and those on life support."

"I like those who are 50 years old or older because those who are on life support machines or in the grave will be more favourable to me."


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