I still look fresh because I dated more than three men at the same time when I was younger 90 old -

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An unidentified old female glaringly a nonagenarian has shockingly found out the name of the game of her vibrancy and freshness regardless of her hints.

In her words, she dated more than 3 guys concurrently at some time in her heydays and that has hugely been the catalyst for her pretty exuberant way of life which is nearly uncommon for human beings of her age.

The vintage female made this revelation while she turned into interacting with one in all her granddaughters even as advising her to undertake the equal way of life to inure to her benefit.

Her surprising disclosure was given the younger woman giggling in addition to people who had been a gift and had been eavesdropping on what she turned into announcing even though they had been now no longer captured withinside the video.

Watch the video below;

In different news, a married female has cleverly hit the net to show the diabolical scheme being hired with the aid of using her husband’s facet sublime or possibly former girlfriend (we don’t recognize if the person continues to be having affair together along with her on the blind facet of his spouse).

The woman in query has been threatening the husband that she could put up his nʋde if he doesn’t component away with a whopping N2million.

Source: Twitter

The spouse says they may now no longer comply with her needs so she must pass beforehand and do anything she wants. She recommended that she is prepared to assist her to put up the nʋde pictures clearly because the most effective street to forestall her in her tracks. What do you think about the ladies remarks? Could she be telling the truth or not ?

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