Identical Triplets Admits Finding Love is Hard, When Men Are Constantly Comparing Them -

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Three identical sisters claim that being a triplet makes it harder to find love since males frequently compare them to see who is 'prettiest' or try to chat up all of them at the same time to 'better their chances' of.

Even though they receive daily remarks about whether one of the three sisters is "prettier" or "skinnier," identical sisters Sherena, Kayley, and Elise Terry say they wouldn't trade in their unique situation as triplets.

To obtain a date, the 18-year-olds from Gravesend, Kent have to battle to "be their own individuals," since males aren't interested in learning about their unique characteristics; they're just flirting with everyone.

Sherena, the lone triplet in a relationship, is also subjected to nasty remarks that her boyfriend must fancy her sisters since they look so identical, making partnerships 'uncomfortable' for all of the girls.

Even though their brand as identical triplets has brought them down, the sisters aren't letting it bring them down, and they're even capitalising on it by pursuing a career in social media and getting paid for viral posts about being triplets, with videos of them in matching outfits being the most popular of those.

They remark which one of us is prettier or skinnier in TikTok comments. Sometimes it's girls, but they're constantly talking about our appearance, according to Sherena.

It's upsetting to read, and we find it strange that people feel compelled to express themselves in this manner.

Having two sisters who look exactly like you makes it more difficult to find love because men find it strange to have a partner with two sisters who look just like you.

Although it's understandable for people to assume that "your boyfriend must prefer your sisters since you all look the same," that's not how it works. Our brothers and sisters each have their own unique personalities and quirks, so it's weird to assume.

In order to maximise their chances of getting a date, they will message all of us at the same time, which is really unpleasant, said Elise.

As soon as one of us finds out that a boy has messaged us, we don't reply. So far, my husband and I haven't battled over a guy since we're not the same kind of people.

Their original idea was that they were going to have one kid, Lisa Terry, 49, and Paul Terry, 47.

The 12-week ultrasound, however, revealed an additional baby, and then two, which came as a shock to the first-time parents who had only intended on having one kid.

All their lives as identical sisters, the triplets have been compared and misunderstood for one another, even by close family and instructors when dressed alike or wearing matching uniforms.

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