If You Travel To England, Nigerian Coke Is Sold At Higher Price Than Coke Made In England - Reno

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Popular Nigerian human right activist, businessman, and author Reno Omokri has replied to a fan who claimed Nigerian Coke is not a good as abroad's Coke. Reno Omokri made a post on Twitter and he said that the real cost of Coke or other soda drinks is not the money people pay but the real cost is the health implications of Coke and other soda drinks.

A fan whose username is "Chi Emeka Decency" replied Reno Omokri. The fan claimed that Nigerian Coke is not as good as abroad's Coke. ... Tap here to Get More Details, Photos or Video >>>. Please Don't forget to share and leave comments below 🙏 Let's hear from you.

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