“I’m Hurt” – Ifu Ennada Laments After Being Given An Offensive Title

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Reality star, Ifu Ennada has expressed disappointment after being given a new offensive title.

 Trolls had dubbed her a ‘clitopreneur’ – a title for those sleeping around to make money. Lamenting, Ennada complained that women are not appreciated for their hard work, rather they are condemned with hurtful words.

 “Just stumbled on a blog that wrote a post on me and over 90% of the comments there are so hateful, especially those from women – most of them calling me a “ClitoPrenuer”. It’s really sad. I mean, I show my process/my work here alot, some of you have followed me for the longest time and know how hard I work, but it’s like no matter how legit your work is as a woman you never get the kind of respect accorded to male counterparts.

Perhaps these people just hate me… but I don’t know what I’ve ever done to anyone to attract such hate. I mean I try to share love as much as possible… God is good shaa. Women are hardly respected in this part of the world. It’s even worse when you’re young and doing good for yourself. Most people are always quick to give an imaginary Sugar Dad glory for your work. Sad, sad, sad,” she wrote. 

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