Know The 3 Causes Of Hiccups

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A hiccup is a reflex that happens due to a sudden contraction of the diaphragm. This contraction makes your chest and abdominal muscles shake. 

Due to this muscle shake the upper part of your throat(near the vocal cords) closes. 

This process creates a noise of air which has been expelled from the lungs. 

The sound accompanied by expelling air from your lungs through the mouth is known as a hiccup.

Hiccups can be really annoying at times and can be really funny when they bother you in between your sentences. Although we all have had them.

There can be various reasons behind these hiccups, they can be caused if you are drinking or eating your food too fast or due to consuming too much of food. If the diaphragm is not being controlled from the nervous system well then it might cause hiccups. Sometimes hiccups can occur due to the feeling of nervousness. 

Here are the causes of hiccups: 

1. Eating in a hurry: Eating in a hurry or eating more than your actual capacity can be a reason behind getting those non-stop hiccups. As our diaphragm is positioned just above the stomach, it gets irritated due to a sudden hurried consumption of food. This irritation causes the diaphragm to contract the way it does while breathing. 

2. Central Nervous System Disorder: Your digestive tract is not the only one which can give rise to these hiccups. These hiccups can also be caused by a disorder in your central nervous system. 

As a nerve from your brain is connected directly to the diaphragm, it causes a nervous system disorder to result in these hiccups.

3. Thoracic Disorders: Your lungs have an important role to play when it comes to hiccups. As the air which is passed through your mouth during a hiccups is expelled through the lungs. Where thoracic disorders are conditions which affect your lungs, heart and chest walls. The thoracic disorders that cause hiccups are: 

a. Asthma.

b. Pneumonia.

c. Bronchitis.

d. Pulmonary embolism.

Some other causes of hiccups are: 

1. Alternating between hot and cold food.

2. Consuming alcohol.

3. Smoking.

4. Drinking soda drinks.

5. Gulping air while eating.

Although hiccups can be irritating and uncomfortable at times but in most of the cases they are truly harmless and a bodily response to our lifestyle habits. 

This bodily response can also be a signal to some underlying condition. If your hiccups do not stop within 48 hours then make sure that you seek medical attention.

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