Ladies your boyfriend is drinking this pill, Check out what he combines it with (Opinion) -

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Source: Opinion piece

A lot of times ladies ask their boyfriends about this pill but never get an answer. Well today Il be sharing the truth you were never ready to hear. It is ok to keep the secret from kher, but today she will have a clear indication why you are drinking this pill.

There are a lot of herbs you can prepare as a man to detox instead of this. But since you go with the hype you have turned to this pill. Which might bring you after effects in the long run. Ladies your boyfriend drink this pill whenever he feels tired. Lately a lot of men have started to mix this pill with Castle lager. They believe that the combo gives positive results them when they consume the pill with water alone.

Majority don't say a thing about this since they fear being dumped. All because of trying to look clean in front of you. Knowing the Truth that the reason behind his hard work comes with energy drink such as this one red pill. This knowledge does not mean go dump your boyfriend if you find this pill, throw it away and buy him African potato.

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