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Date : 03 October 2021

We all need people who will love us and always make sure that we are happy in life. It is every woman's dream to see themselves walking down the aisle to marry the love of their lives. Women have wishs to get a man who will love them wholeheartedly and always make sure that they are happy. Being in love is one of the priceless things in life. Those who are in love can share their stories and show people that being in love is indeed really good and a priceless experience. Couple's tend to have a wish to grow up together and create memories.

Another woman's world was left shattered after she found out that her boyfriend got married to someone else. A lady known as Katlego on facebook left people in shock after she posted pictures of the wedding of her boyfriend who got married to someone else. She made certain remarks that revealed to the public that she is truly hurt. She believes that the man will come back to her because she is the one who makes her happy.

Her post really got people talking and many are saying that she is saying everything because of emotions. It looks like this has really hurt her badly. Some people say that she should get help to deal with this before her anger gets out of control. She is not the first to go through this and she is definitely not the last.

" Watching him getting married does not change the fact that I am the one who gives him pleasure and he knows where his heart is. I hope this woman will endure being a punching bag and you brown you know where trouble in paradise starts, where are you going my love ? " she says. All this happened after she found out that her boyfriend got married to someone else. You can tell that this has really broken her hear. Share your opinions and follow for more news.


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