Lady Dumps Boyfriend Because He Gives Her R250 Girlfriend Allowance: See here/Opinion -

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Nowdays relationships are not the same .Women now want men to pay them this monthly allowance they have termed the girlfriend allowance .Basically they want to be paid every month for being their girlfriend.

So how much should one pay as girlfriend allowance, some women say the man should pay her at least a quarter of his total salary or income .A lady took to twitter to complaim about how much her boyfriend is giving her as girlfriend allowance. See how much she gets below.

This lady is getting R250 a month and she is complaining that the money is too little for girlfriend allowance.She claims the man is disrespecting her by sending her only R250.

This woman is really entitled and she should be thankful for what the man gives her irrespective of how little it is .The man probably works hard for this money and he could have had a thousand things he could have done with it but still he chose to send it to her .

No man should be paying an woman girlfriend allowance .Thats like paying someone to be in a relationship with you .This is something that he should do from the goodness of his heart and not be forced to do so .Its suprising how many women now have this entitlement mentality .They think men owe them money and should therefore pay to be in a relationship with them .

What's your thought about girlfriend allowance. As a man are you paying one and as a woman do you require that your man pay you the allowance ? Also how much are u expecting as girlfriend allowance? .Lets talk about it .

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