Look what sparked a topic about a room a lady spotted on her first date. Check reactions from people -

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Ladies Will You Still Date Your Boyfriend If You Found Him Like This On Your First Visit? Love is a magnificent thing, and it has complete influence over the world. Love is blind, and love isn't about money, according to popular belief. This adage makes me wonder if it's true or just hearsay, and how many women can cope with love as well as men do.

Most women admire you as long as they see some gain from you, which isn't always the case. Most women adore you since they can still make money from you.

There's a popular image of a man sitting on a bare foam on the floor in a shabby room. The image is a link to a question posed by Atasie Wisdom, a social media user. The question was so timely that several ladies had to rush to the comment section to express their thoughts.

Man, in my opinion, is more capable of loving than women. Many guys will still adore a lady if they perceive her in this light. What will you do as a lady if you go to your boyfriend's house for the first date and find him like this?

The room, according to several commenters, is filthy. It's not that the room is filthy; it's just that it's a bad room. Will you say the room is dirty if it belongs to a wealthy man and two pieces of fabric are lying on the floor? Only two pieces of cloth, which appear to be rags for carpet cleaning, are on the floor; I don't believe they are unclean, but the room is filthy.

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