Meet Female Pastor Victoria Who Remarried At The Age Of 57 (PHOTOS) -

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Age as a numerical value is considered less essential than age as a measure of experience by some relationship specialists. 

Depending on who you ask, the optimum time to think about settling down is in your late 20s, when different aspects of your life often begin to make more sense and you begin to feel more stable. 

In a BBC interview, Mrs. Victoria, a pastor who recently got married at the age of 57, described how she was distraught at the death of her husband ten years earlier. She said that she was denied love after becoming engaged at the age of fourteen (14) years old. 

The female preacher told a BBC News correspondent that she had married at a young age and that her life had become a mess as a result of her marriage. She said that her husband was not wealthy at the time, but that getting married at a young age was acceptable. When she made this remark, she asserted that she was speaking from personal experience rather than from a void. 

Pastor Victoria responded to a query about how her friends felt about her remarrying at the age of 57 by saying that they were skeptical of her decision and questioned her on a consistent basis. 

She reported that people would approach her and ask, "What are you still looking for?" According to Mrs. Victoria, it wasn't until she became wealthy that she realized that happiness was not dependent on material possessions or possessions. She went on to express that she needed someone who would be there for her no matter what happened in the future. 

The man who will become her husband, who is also a pastor, has never been married before, in contrast to the lady who will become her wife. Mr. Victoria's marriage is the first of his life, and he expresses gratitude for having been successful in winning her affection. 

Before informing her children of her decision, the female Pastor admitted that she was perplexed by how she was feeling at the time. They were ultimately successful, she alleges, when she begged to God for assistance. 

Her face was glowing with pleasure as she spoke with the interviewer on behalf of Blessing's daughter. Finally, they agreed to accept her mother's decision because she is the one who understands what is right and wrong, she explained. 

She encouraged young people, on the other hand, to consider their options before leaping, citing a mistake she made early in her life that she continues to regret.

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