Men Are Dangerous: This Is What A Married Woman Found On Her Husband’s Phone -

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Men Are Dangerous: This Is What A Married Woman Found On Her Husband’s Phone

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Men pose a serious threat to public safety! This was realized by a married woman. 

Men were talking on the phone that her spouse was using. This was discovered by a married woman while using her husband's computer. 

Given that we live in a perilous world and that life is already hard enough, we should avoid marrying someone who will add weight to the one life you have to provide; the aim of marriage is to be united and devoted to one another. It's a dangerous situation. 

Marriage is intended to be a source of harmony, but today's couples have proved that this is not always the case. Many people marry and then realize that it is safer to be single than to be enslaved. This is a common occurrence. 

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