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Any man who marries the love of his life never intends to engage in behaviors that could jeopardize his marriage. Nonetheless, he may unintentionally do things that jeopardize his marriage with his wife. If only some married men had known beforehand how damaging some of the unconscious things they did would be to their marriage, they would have avoided them.

True, no marriage is without flaws, but there are those that have the potential to pull married couples apart and should be avoided at all costs. As a married man, you should avoid the following activities, among other things, because they are harmful to your marriage.

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1. Communicate with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend as little as possible.

Constant communication with your ex can bring up old memories and sentiments, which, if not managed properly, can lead to you having an affair with her. You may not intend for it to happen, but your emotions have the potential to betray you. Always remember that prevention is preferable to treatment.

2. Speaking about your ex in front of your wife's ears.

As a married guy, you should avoid doing anything that would damage your wife's feelings. Mentioning and discussing your ex with your partner can give her the impression that you still care about her or that you miss her in your life. It may make your wife feel as if she made a mistake when she married you. By all circumstances, fight the urge to bring up your ex with your wife, as this will make her envious.

3. Leaving your wife alone for an extended period in pursuit of brighter pastures.

While there is nothing wrong with you as a married guy expanding your horizons by traveling outside of your state or country of residence in search of greener pastures, you must do it with caution. Every married woman desires her husband's physical presence as one of the things she desires from him. You can't replace your presence with money, no matter how much you send her while you're abroad. Remember that she is a human being with desires. Your prolonged absence may make her feel lonely, neglected, and uncared for. It is as a result of this that some married women commit infidelity. No, the individuals involved did not intend to commit adultery, but their emotional urges overtook their resistance. If you must travel, don't spend too much time away from her because it is risky.

4. Refusing to allow your wife to make love to you.

Denying his wife the right to make love is one of the most serious mistakes a married man can make. Some men do this to punish their wives for something they believe she has done wrong. Regardless of the scenario or the severity of her wrongdoing, do not deprive her of your presence in the bedroom. That kind of emotional torment might drive some women to have extramarital affairs, even if it's the last thing they want to happen in their marriages.

5. Reminding your wife of her previous heinous errors.

If your wife tells you something bad about her past life while you're together, don't bring it up again, regardless of the provocation. That will cause her a lot of pain. Not only that, but it will have an impact on her level of trust in you. As a result, she may begin to conceal information from you. Keep her nasty previous life in the past so you don't have to deal with it in your marriage.

6. Don't compare your wife to your ex-girlfriend.

Make no comparisons between her and your ex, no matter how lovely she was to you when you were together. It will have an impact on her self-worth and self-esteem. If a woman is placed in that situation, she may begin to withdraw her affection from you.

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