Mixed Reactions On Social Media As Nollywood Actor, Charles Okocha Throws Money On The Street

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Mixed Reactions on social media as Nollywood Actor, Known as Charles Okocha, was spotted as he was throwing money on the street.

Charles Okocha is a popular Nigerian celebrity who is very passionate about the American kind of vibes and that's why he always speaks like the Americans. In this video, Charles came out from his white car with a bundle of money and started throwing it on the street.

While he was still throwing the money he has on him, a lady brought more bundles of money and gave them to him. Charles collected the money from her and started spraying them on the lady while dancing to the song that was playing in the car.

The viral video that was shared on Tunde Ednut's Instagram page, got the attention of people to react differently.

See how people reacted to the video below 👇

What do you think about the video and Charles Okocha's actions?

Do you think he should be called to order?

Let's know your thoughts in this regard, and follow me for more entertainment news... Thank you.


Source: Tunde Ednut.

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