Mnakwethu: MaShelembe's plight unites the first and second wives during the final Tell All -

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First of all dear reader, if you need more of a background on the kind of story that came to its brutal but neccessary end this Tuesday evening. You can check out my profile and find all the articles that lead to this moment.

However, for those who are in the know, I'm certain I wasn't the only one jumping for absolute joy when I saw MaShelembe finally get her turn to air her grievances out for the whole nation once again. She handled herself so well despite being furious and her story should be a lesson to all of us.

The reunion has strung us along for two whole episodes, teasing us with MaShelembe's outbursts and now that I've seen it, I am very proud of her. She laid it bare, told her "sister wife" exactly what she thought. But there is a point that she made that was more important. That her husband is the real villain here, or the "snake" as she called him.

We, as a national have rightfully criticized MaSithole for her words. But who was standing there watching her without saying a word? Her husband. He is the one under the radar, being unaffected, but he is the true instigator. In today's conflict, his wife called him out too.

He kept quiet throughout as everyone, even the men, tried to give him guidance about the situation. This episode showed just how far gone their relationship truly is.

There was a conflict with the hotel room bookings, that only two rooms had been booked. Instead of being truthful and honest with his wife, he chose to lie. She even mentioned missing money that he claimed not to know anything about it, money that was supposed to buy her new clothes.

MaShelembe's fury was well deserved. Having a woman who was forced down your throat try to dictate sleeping arrangements with your husband must be angering, it certainly was to everyone else, including the second wives too, who couldn't sit back and support her.

Everyone was united in condemning this.

MaSithole doesn't think of MaShelembe as an equal let alone as the first wife. She thinks of her as just an obstacle to her happy home. MaSithole thinks she can come in and make decisions for MaShelembe because her "in-laws" know her. Truly, it's a diabolical thought to have.

This whole time we have been overlooking the truth. If he truly loved and respected his wife, he wouldn't let another woman do that to her.

I was disappointed in him just sitting there with tears in his eyes but chiding nothing. The phrase "crocodile tears" was at the forefront for me.

MaShelembe is strong and despite this, she will make it because she has the nation behind her. I wish the other wives would be just as brave as her. To draw the line in the sand and declare themselves as finally done.

What did you think of the final installment of the Tell All?

Thank you for reading!

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