" Mother-in-law made it very clear she wants scone" Mzansi reacts after seeing something strange -

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Not everyone has much to say about their mother in law, and others don't even have that relationship. Most mother-in-laws are known for controlling everything; their son or daughter cannot live a free life because everything must be approved by their parents. A woman turned to Twitter to post a scone she had baked for her mother-in-law, adding that her mother-in-law had expressed a desire for scone. Sweet and salt go together, not the other way around. People had something to say after seeing the picture and caption, with some commenting that instead of focusing on her husband, she had to pay attention to her mother-in-needs, law's while others complimented her on her sweets because it is uncommon to see a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law have such a relationship. Some mother-in-laws can't abide their daughter-in- law food. Share your thought on this matter or your own experience when it comes to mother- in- law .



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