My boyfriend slept with my mom while I was in the hospital giving birth to our child -Lady says. -

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My boyfriend, who is 25 years old, went to have physical intimacy with my mother while I was in the hospital giving birth to our child – Lady unhappily recalls the experience.

Unknown to her, a young woman in agony has reported to the internet community that while she was in labor and giving birth to their child, her mother had physical intimacy with her husband.

Alyssa-Mae, the lady, admitted that she was caught aback when she learnt of her seven-year-old boyfriend's relationship with her 40-year-old mother. "I was completely taken aback," she admitted.

"The beginning of my relationship with my ex was amazing," she wrote on TikTok. We couldn't bear the idea of being separated from each other.

"However, it quickly turned poisonous. He cheated on me multiple times, but I was a jerk and kept forgiving him and hoped he'd change his ways.

"He used to beg me to let him stay with me, and he would cry. My heartfelt condolences went out to him." In February 2018, I was admitted to the hospital due to intense contractions. He didn't pick up the phone the first few times I called, but I eventually got through." He told me that something had arrived and he would be unable to attend. Later that night, he paid a visit to me and the baby in the hospital and appeared to be in excellent spirits.

"I didn't notice anything out of the norm at the moment. For a brief while, we returned home and resumed our normal routines.

I finally figured out what had transpired after two years. My suspicions were aroused when my neighbors showed me surveillance footage of my mother visiting and exiting my house on a regular basis while I was away.

With the passage of time, I discovered messages between my mother and my ex-boyfriend, which included filthy images and descriptions of the incidents, as well as dates of the incidents, including when I was pregnant." When I confronted him, he admitted to his wrongdoing.

"As soon as I learned, I packed up his possessions and threw them over the balcony, urging him to go."

I felt unhappy, cheated, and defeated as a result of the event. I'd been berating myself about it for months.

"It's the best thing I've ever done for myself, and I haven't looked back since." My mother and I both stopped speaking to one another after learning of this.

"I shared it on TikTok and was blown away by the number of views, likes, and comments. I couldn't say anything." It was completely out of control.

"My mother's and exboyfriend's actions astonished and outraged a lot of people. Some mistook it for a joke, but those who knew the truth took it seriously."

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