My fiancee only feel attracted to me when I get paid month end mostly ignores me on the other day -

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A young man has taken it to social media to share what he is going through at the moment. This young man made an unknown recent letter he sent to popular relationship coach Aunti Momoza. According to this guy, the only time his fiance gets attacked by him is only when he got paid. This means they only get love from his wife at month end. During the month his fiancee acts like there is no dating at all. But at month endows him all the love he has been craving for the whole month.

He stormed social media to ask other guys if there are also facing such circumstances in their relationships. Adding that he is of speaking to his employees about this. And ask his boss to pay him every week so that his relationship can be fire every week. Because he knows that if he gets paid weekly his wife will be nice to him. And he doesn't want to lose his relationship because they have been together for years. He doesn't even know why this woman is acting like this with him. Read his story below.

" hi auntie, please hide my name and surname. I noticed that my girlfriend gets more excited when it's month-end. Other days it's like she is not even feeling me. I'm even considering asking my employer to pay me every week so that I can have fire in my relationship. I want to know if other men experience this with their girlfriends". This man posted his post like this asking for help. But well people ended up advising him to make a wise choice. It is not necessary to stay with someone just because you love them while they don't feel the same way.

People told him to do what is best for himself. His fiancee is showing him that if he can lose his job which means their relationship will end. A lot of people are facing such problems because some relationships depend on money to work. When people are broke the relationship gets broken too. Some people related to him said they also faced those problems with their partners.

You can comment below if you think you might have a solution for this man. Because other people are facing this and scared to come out to the open. Comment below you might help another reader. Follow me for more articles and don't forget to share this article with your Facebook story.

‘My Fiancee Only Feels Attracted To Me When I Get Paid At End Of The Month, Mostly Ignores Me On Other Days’ – Man Laments

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