Nothile Left Under Hot Water For Calling Pretty -Heres What Will Happen To Her -

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Nothile needs to find out about Pretty 

Nothile is a dear companion to Glenda and she gets additional report about Pretty from Glenda. Recollect Glenda knows Pretty as his ex's sister. 

Nothile has aksed Glenda for Pretty's number to become acquainted with her more and research about the relationship that she has with Lehasa. 

Nothile believes that Pretty will enlighten her really concerning Lehasa and on how their relationship was until Pretty became pregnant. 

Nothile called Pretty to get together however Pretty was truly not intrigued by any stretch of the imagination, Pretty advised Nothile to quit calling her with Phomolo who is Lehasa's uncle. 

Could Nothile be a private examiner? 

Is Nothile is a private examiner then, at that point, Pretty will be her first task to do on Lehasa. For what reason is Nothile so intrigued to think about Pretty and Lehasa in light of the fact that they are finished? 

As I would see it I couldn't want anything more than to see Pretty and Nothile get together to perceive what truly Nothile is up to in light of the fact that to the extent we know her and Pretty are through with Lehasa. 


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