OKE OSISI: The Story Of Anunuebe, A Mysterious Tree In Igboland Which No Birds Dared To Perch On

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Anunuebe is the enigmatic and all-powerful king of all trees in Igboland. The mystical tree, is said to be used to make a variety of powerful charms and herbs. No bird would dare to perch on the Anunu-ebe tree.

‘Nnunu’ or ‘Anunu’ means birds. ‘Ebe’ means never perches. Only powerful native doctors or medicine men go closer to it. But before that, there must be a form of appeasement inform of sacrifice.

The powerful Anunu-ebe tree grows in the forest, far from human settlements. It has medicin ... Tap here to Get More Details, Photos or Video >>>. Please Don't forget to share and leave comments below 🙏 Let's hear from you.

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