OPINION: Having a Girlfriend Who Doesn't Party or Drink Alcohol is a Blessing -

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We have a lot of different types of girls out there, we have the ones who are broke but like partying like there is no tomorrow, we have those ones who drinks alcohol and afford to buy those drinks and we have those who don't party or drink at all

To all men out there which girlfriend do you prefer the most and why, if you can give some reasons on the comment section will help us to understand, below I will state my opinion on these girls

The broke ones are the ones who party everyday but they dont want to work, they have no money and they just go out to try their luck if they can find someone who will buy some drinks for them, they are dangerous because they get drunk easily and wake up not knowing what happened last night, and they end up having lots and lots of boyfriends just because they need something from them which is beer

The ones who afford buying are stubborn and controlling and they always like boyfriends with no money so they can perform their bossy attitudes, date them on your own risk, then we have those who don't drink at all, those people are always sobber and they know what they are doing in life, if they date they only date one guy and they end up getting married or last longer in their relationships compared to the other ones, that is my opinion let us discusshttps://www.facebook.com/100413308823660/posts/448492617349059/

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