OPINION| Venda Guys Are Cheaters and Abusive, Here is Why I Say so -

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Sunday nights among 21:00 and 22:00 be long to Moja Love channel 157 and Jub Jub as the tackle a dishonest whinge that was introduced to their attention by someone who is sad in his or her relationship, someone who suspects that their associate is dishonest.

A lady by the name of Nokwanda from Qunu withinside the Eastern Cape wrote complaining that the daddy of her kids whom she remains with appears to be dishonest on her, he usually disappears and spend days with out coming domestic and she desires to get to the lowest of it and spot if her suspisions are true.

"I am Nokwanda from Qunu, I am suspicious that my guy is dishonest and he every so often doesn’t sleep at home and while he isn't napping at domestic he doesn’t answer his phone, it simply rings, this different time I called him and he stated he was together along with his brother however whilst I called his brother, the brother stated he isn't always with him, we have been together for 6 years, if we show it, it will harm I don't need to lie, however I need to findout the truth," she statedWhen they were given to in which her guy was, Nokwanda did not waste any time, she was throughout the guy beating him up, she was on pinnacle of him giving him a few blows.Vincent, what are you doing here? She said while seeking to beat the guy.

Vincent was seeking to get out of the scenario he chose to apply his right to stay silent and not answer any query directed to her, however he finally responded and he was being verbally abusive to all people who was there. This is the mom of my kids, and also you re additionally the mom of my baby," he said, te requested Jub Jub why he observed him round, why is he interferring, Jub Jub stated he has not anything to do with it, Uyajola is the only that accompanied him.

It was also discovered that Vincent is a Venda guy who has an eight year old baby with the other lady who turned everything round and stated that she is the only who was being cheated on because her baby is older than Nokwanda's kids

"So you're Venda guy who came all the way from Limpop to this facet to cheat on those women, are you consuming Mpesu and the use of it on these two women? What type of a person are you? Vendas are hustlers, you're dishonest while riding a lady's car, you've got got an eight year old with shorty, and two with Nokwanda, what did you depart at Limpopo?"Jub Jub stated.


You have left your beautiful residence and dishonest here on this room that is smaller than my prison cell? In such an area bro? What is inaccurate with you?" Jub Jub requested, when Nokwanda requested Vincent to provide her vehicle keys he blatantly refused and stated she will in no way get them, she must simply forget

"You must just forget, you will in no way get those vehicle keys, forget," Vincent said. The bouncers had to battle Vincent and and seek him to get the keys out of his pockets and surpassed them to Nokwanda, who then went I to the auto and drove away.

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