People reveal the reasons why relationships are not lasting these days -

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We are living in a technology dominated era and the main purpose of technology is to ease pressure on human beings and make their lives easier, but it seems as if relationships are greatly affected and there is nothing that our modern technology can do about it.

Today I saw a group of people on social media discussing the reasons behind failures of our relationships. We all know that everything happens for a reason and people can use their life experiences and imaginations to figure out the reasons why relationships are not lasting anymore.

Social media

People believe that social media is running our relationships. They think when we take advices from social media, we end up forcing them to fit into our relationships which does not add a positive value. They think some of those advices were not meant to fit in our relationships.

Another factor that they took into account is what we always see on television shows and movies. people believe that our real life relationships are nothing like what we see on movies or read about on Magazines. They think we should avoid taking everything from those things and try to experience them on our relationships.


They believe that some of us get into relationships with high expectations of good things, just because a friend is in a perfect relationship. It is being said that it takes only two people to make a good relationship and copying other people might create accusation situations which will then lead to rushed breakups. They say going into a relationship with a bag of expectations is a call for a bag of disappointments.

Lack of communication

A man called Nicholas Mzobe says he almost destroyed the relationship with his wife and he is not proud of that. He encourages men to communicate with their women so that their relationship can remain the same. He believes that he would not be on the verge of breaking up with her if he did not have too much pride.


I think You should be able to see when a person is into you or they are just in love with the idea of being in a relationship with you. Relationships fail because people are not in love.

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