|PICS| Happily Married STRAIGHT Father has been Wearing a Skirt and High Heels in Public for 4 Years -

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Mark Bryan, an American robotics engineer living in Germany, describes himself on Instagram as a heterosexual, married man who likes verandas and beautiful women ...and integrates skirts and stilettos into his daily wardrobe. Father wears a skirt and defies gender-specific clothing norms wherever he goes.

Straight Skirt Father Challenges Gender Norms What do you think when you see a woman in a pencil skirt and high heels walking down a busy street? Mark Bryan sees a powerful businesswoman ready to take on the world. He admired the power these women exuded and decided to use them too. Now this rocked father has made a big name for himself on Instagram, defies gender-normative clothing and establishes himself as an ally of the LGBTQ + community.

Married three times, he says his three children and his current wife, with whom he has been for 11 years, support his choice of clothes. Bryan says the first time he wore a skirt and high heels was when he was in college. His girlfriend at the time asked him to put them on before dancing with her. The 61-year-old has been working with it for four years. It was difficult to talk to your children about how you like to dress. I wanted them to understand that it's about dress preferences, not sexuality."I just told you your dad likes to wear skirts and high heels and doesn't have to worry about me being gay or anything sexual." He explained.

From then on, she started mixing and matching styles depending on what she felt brave enough to start working. She started with pants and heels but then started wearing skirts and said that the look of a fitted pencil skirt and heels are her favourites. (2) He was nervous the first time he went to work dressed like this, after all, he was six feet tall without heels and knew that he couldn't hide. However, he quickly realized that most people don't care."The vast majority of people don't care what they wear." he claims. Backlash is expected, Of course, Bryan is asked about his sexuality quite often.

This question bothers you because it says that clothes shouldn't have a gender; what you like to wear does not matter who you prefer to go out with.“Clothes have no gender, but I refer to my shirts as men; Just to be clear, I don't wear tops. Even when I say I wear a man's shirt and a woman's skirt and heels, everything to me is gender-neutral clothing. ”He wrote ." Manly things "like any other man. When people question their sexuality, he sometimes tells them he's straight, but most of the time he politely lets them know it's none of their business. 

"But there are times when I get mad at some, mostly men, when they ask me and I answer with something like," Why should wearing a skirt make you think about my sexual preferences? " or “Would you ask me the same question if I was wearing pants?” or “Are you asking a woman who wears a skirt and heels about her sexual preferences?” he says.

In terms of gender and clothing, it is more than one parent who wears a skirt Whether you agree or not, our clothing has become very sexist. We have men's and women's departments in the stores. It is common for men to wear suits on special occasions and women to wear dresses and stilettos in the men's section of local department stores. For the LGBTQ + community, and especially the trans community, clothing and identity are closely linked.

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