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Why I Date Married Men


My name is Funmi, and I consider myself to be a very attractive lady when compared to other women. I'm currently residing in the G.R.A. neighborhood in Ikeja, Lagos State. Despite the fact that I am fully aware of the hazards associated with dating married men, I still believe that dating them is far preferable to giving myself to single men, particularly those who are not yet ready for marriage, than offering myself to single women.

I have previously engaged in double dating with two married men, I pray that I will never, ever do so again in my life. The danger involved is really great and very bad for a woman.

I don't just go out with married men for no reason; it was a learning experience that taught me a valuable lesson. When I was younger, I was in a relationship with this single guy. The level of emotion involved was really high; I was the one who called, texted, and even went out of my way to do whatever he asked just to make him happy.

When I discovered him with another lady in my neighborhood, I got upset and since that day, I've vowed to myself that no man would ever be able to play with my heart in such a way again. Then I discovered that the only easy way out is to date married men who are not emotionally invested in the relationship.

For the past several days, weeks, months, everything has been going swimmingly for me. These married males have greater life experience than their counterparts who are single. They also have more money and are more willing to spend it on me than single men who are afraid of losing me at some point before getting married.

To be completely honest, I feel far more comfortable dating married men than I do dating single men. Dating married men was not a major concern to me until a buddy of mine, who is now married, began advising me that it was a shameful conduct and that I should cease doing so.


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