Refusing to kiss a husband? Here's the Wedding Picture Of This Couple That Got People Angry -

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Refusing to kiss your partner? Here is a picture of their wedding that angered the people.

 Love is a great thing, and living our life without someone is difficult because it is part of what makes us perfect in this world. It is worthwhile to get married so that you can have children and share valuable things with your loved one.

 Even with an organization outside West Africa, white weddings have begun to take place in the area. Every Christian thinks about how happy their wedding day will be. There is a holy wedding ceremony that involves putting a ring on a friend's finger, the two newlyweds kissing each other, and so on, without going to church.

 During courtship, it is natural to kiss each other; in fact, the clergy regularly instruct both the bride and groom to keep their mouths shut during the ceremony. When the pastor ordered the two of them to kiss, the woman surprised everyone by refusing to kiss her husband instead of turning around.

 Apparently, the man is trying to kiss the woman, as is the custom in newlyweds. The woman in the photo, resisted the man's efforts. Many people on social media have reacted to the wedding picture, some saying that the bride was shy and others thought that the bridegroom did not like her mouth.

 Do you believe that it is proper for them to avoid kissing their spouse on the day of their wedding? Tell us what you think.


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