RIP She Was Poisoned By Her Best Friend, Because Of This Reason. -

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A social media page called " relationship and Marriage Hospital " is one of the social group that assist people who want to talk about issues that affect them , it also educate about love issues , the page became more popular as it have reached Plus million followers . 

They have shared a very sad news , they have attached some pictures of the lady who sadly passed away due to poison , here is the caption " She was poisoned by her best friend because she was promoted at work , bad friends are more dangerous than Known enemies , becareful who you call best friend "  

The pictures made me see that , her death was sudden and very sad as pictures described the mood that people are in , some they crying out loud for her death . 

"What do you stand to gain when you take the life of another , all in the name of material and earthly persuit " , 

Comments were very sad and the number of the comments they were very high as people were touched by the sad story that have happened to her. 

May her soul rest in peace . 

Screenshots taken below 

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