Sh0cking| My boyfriend slept with my mom while I was in the hospital giving birth to our child -Lady -

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I was in the hospital giving birth to our kid when my boyfriend, who is 25 years of age, went to sleep with my mother – Lady regretfully recalls the incident.

Unbeknownst to her, a young woman in distress has revealed to the online community that her mother opened her legs for her husband to have a kinky session while she was suffering from labor pains and giving birth to their child.

The lady, Alyssa-Mae, admitted that she was taken aback when she learned of the sexual relationship between her 25-year-old boyfriend of seven years and her 40-year-old mother. "I was completely stunned," she said.

"The beginning of my relationship with my ex was fantastic," she said on TikTok, where she recounted her experience. We couldn't take the thought of being apart from one other.

"However, it soon became poisonous. He cheated on me numerous times, but I was a jerk and continued forgiving him and hoping that he would alter his ways.

"He used to cry and beg me to let him stay with me. My sympathies went out to him.

"I was taken to the hospital in February 2018 because I was having severe contractions. When I called him, he didn't pick up the phone the first several times, but ultimately I got through.

"He informed me that something had arrived and that he would not be able to attend. He paid a visit to me and the baby at the hospital later that night and appeared to be in good spirits.

"At this time, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. We returned home and resumed our usual lives for a short period of time.

After two years, I finally found out what had happened. It was my neighbours who showed me surveillance footage of my mother entering and exiting my house on a regular basis while I wasn't there, which made me suspicious.

As time goes by, I discovered communications between my mother and my ex-boyfriend, which included dirty photographs and descriptions of the occurrences, as well as dates of the incidents, including the time I was pregnant." When I challenged him, he admitted his guilt.

"As soon as I found out, I immediately packed up his belongings and hurled them over the balcony, telling him to go."

The experience left me feeling sad, deceived, and defeated. For months, I beat myself up about it.

"I haven't looked back since, and it is the finest thing I've ever done for myself." When I learned of this, my mother and I also stopped speaking with one another.

"I posted it on TikTok and was astounded by the number of views, likes, and comments it received. I was speechless." It was really insane.

"A lot of people were shocked and outraged by my mother's and my ex-behavior. boyfriend's Some thought it was a joke, but those who were aware of the reality took it seriously."



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