Skeem Saam :Pretty Under Hot Water For Thinking Lehasa Will Marry Her -

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Skeem Saam: Lehasa weds Pretty 

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Mantuli's history was nearly demolished when she didn't make reference to getting together and telling Lehasa that he is going to be a dad to her little girls' child! I for one idea that she was frightened to face him on the grounds that the last time she was with him, he was impolite towards her and finished the discussion with "you will wheel yourself out." 

My nervousness, alongside different watchers tension was set to ease when Kwaito asked Pretty, "Do you realize that they're taking you to Joburg tomorrow?" implying that Mantuli and her sibling won't permit their grandkid to endure while its dad is a well off finance manager! Pretty, realizing that her relationship with Lehasa finished on a somewhat acrid not, will be not anticipating this excursion since all things considered, Lehasa pursues every one of them alone since regard isn't anything to him! Also, he may even deny the pregnancy! 

To finish everything off, Lehasa is now with another lady who is simply moving their relationship higher than ever constantly! She even acquainted him with her dad and a couple of clients shouted that since her dad is an adjudicator, he "knows a couple of Lehasa's skeletons." This, in addition to the way that the Seakamela's are going to drop a sensation, may ask Nothile to take a hike! 

Pretty and Lehasa were glad and they just separated in light of the fact that Pretty couldn't guard her adoration for Lehasa within the sight of her siblings who strongly returned her to Limpopo. With a little vision for the future, they can advance back to one another and raise the child in a tight sewn family structure! The way that Lehasa has been passing on to have a youngster allows Pretty a higher opportunity of being reestablished in her situation of being a madam in Lehasa's life. A couple of watchers additionally added that Nothile probably won't need kids and the way that Pretty will give Lehasa his first kid may cause a float among his and his present accomplice's relationship! So in case Pretty is fortunate, she will get a ring to her left side finger! 

"Lehasa will be charged the same way as john maputla was charged. Sfiso I trust u with regards to cash" 

"Lehasa will [deny] the Child" 

"I can hardly wait to see Lehasa's response…"

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