"He slept with two of my sisters and yet say this to me?" - Lady speaks up -

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Source: https://matt247k.co.za/2021/10/07/shocking-husband-slept-with-his-wifes-sisters-and-said-this-to-his-wife/

It is reported that a distraught mother had just told her story about catching her cheating husband in bed with a young girl and her blood sisters. Imagine the anguish a newlywed lady felt when she saw her own two sisters with her husband.

The incidents of her husband, who goes by the name Okesie, sleeping with her two sisters occurred after their wedding, according to the Ghanaian lady who shared her story with Oyerepa FM, and she was the one who caught them and did not hear from anyone else.

His cheating methods, however, did not begin with her siblings, as she had previously caught him with another young girl, implying that he never stopped. "My spouse, Okesie, and I recently got married." He asked for my hand in marriage after a period of dating, and I consented.

My entire family agreed that I should marry Okosie after I told them everything. After our wedding, I learned that my husband had been doing some horrible things behind my back without my knowledge. I would not have agreed to his request for my hand in marriage if I had known beforehand.

"First, I discovered him in our room with a small lady. He informed me the female was his ex-girlfriend when I inquired who she was. I felt furious, but I forgave him when he apologized. My spouse slept with my two sisters not long after our wedding. He had separate affairs with each of my sisters.

Why am I saying this? Because I believe the lady is to fault. Because there's an old adage that turtles don't leave their shells behind, and snakes don't change their ways.

This woman should have confronted the man the moment she saw him for the first time. Her quick forgiveness gave the guy permission to do exactly what he had done before. As a reader, what are your thoughts?

Source: https://matt247k.co.za/2021/10/07/shocking-husband-slept-with-his-wifes-sisters-and-said-this-to-his-wife/

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