Thing every men might do when extremely Drunk - OPINION -

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Anyone who ever drank alcohol to the maximum knows it plays games with your head and end up doing things ypu wouldn't do when you're sover. Not to make any excuses about too much admission of alcohol.

But it does really make a person do stupid things. At the same time alcohol is known as the truth serum, because we hear lots of hidden things when people are drunk.

Here are some of the things men might do when they're drunk.

#1 Call an ex lover or current girlfriend

It is said that if a man never calls you wgen he is drunk, just know he doesn't really loves you. They'll call and express their undying love to you, even make promises.

#2 Fights with everyone

One of the annoying things men do when they are drunk is to fight. So basically, they'll fight about anything with thier friends or strangers. They'll fight about alcohol or just a random girl in the club.

#3 Steal unnecessary things

They'll even steal a dog or pig, hell even a road sign.

#4 intercourse in public

Alcohol is known to really gwt to men. It boosy the testosterone and just makes them feel like they should get it in right there and right now.

#5 Cry

Since men are told not to cry and they have to be strong for everyone. So when they're drunk they can't control they're emotions, theyr cry uncontrollably if they recently lost a loved one and had to be act strong.

#6 Confesses or others secrets

If he knows your dark secrets or was hiding something from you just know when he is drunk he will tell it all.

#7 Lose everything

They'll lose everything thing from money, cellphone, house keys to even sneakers and jacket.

#8 Sleep anywhere

They'll comfortably anywhen they can lay their head.


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